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Cold Weather Cycling

Posted April 1, 2014 By BikesandBags

There’s a certain mystique, grit, or maybe it’s just plain dedication, to cycling in cold weather. Some might say the attributes are more properly defined as crazy, stupid, foolish. And let’s be perfectly honest. We’ve all seen someone riding a bike in hazardous weather and wondered why on earth someone would put their life in […]

Cycling Essentials For Beginners

Posted March 19, 2014 By BikesandBags

There’s nothing scientific about it. You can jump on a bike and through the power of your own legs, move forward. Sometimes it’s a ride around the yard and sometimes the ride never ends. But between the two are huge differences. You’re not going to decide one day that you’re going to hop on a […]

The Benefits Of Cycling Clothing

Posted March 15, 2014 By BikesandBags

There are a lot of myths around cycling clothes. Those at the top of the list come from people who don’t ride or are just getting started. As a new cyclist you might have subscribed to some of the notions that bicyclers wear tight clothes to get that extra fraction of a mile of speed. […]

Purchasing Proper Racks and Packs

Posted March 15, 2014 By BikesandBags

Finding the right bike bag is fairly easy if you have an intended use but fear not if you’re unsure. You can combine most bike bags to expand or upgrade storage as needed. While most bags offer a lot of information visually it can be difficult to realize the size of each bag. From small […]

What About Helmets

Posted March 13, 2014 By BikesandBags

When choosing a helmet many new cyclists look no further than the price and the color. We agree that those are two important points but the most important is that you’re choosing to wear a helmet. There’s a lot of statistical debate whether or not a helmet actually protects a rider but what can it […]

Choosing The Right Bike

Posted March 13, 2014 By BikesandBags

Bikes have different styles and have been designed for a specific use. While the bike is not technically limited to that usage this is where it will perform the best. And while some bikes can be used for dual purposes you will get the best return for your money when your purchase suits your intended […]