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Diamondback Mountain Bikes

Diamondback was formed back in 1977 in Kent Washington. Given all these years later it’s obvious they’ve created a fantastic brand that could only be bolstered by it’s great products. And good news for anyone looking for a new bike. These won’t break your pocketbook at the entry level which is a great starting point for most cyclists looking to test the waters.

While their bikes are considered mid-level don’t fall into the idea that they don’t offer higher end machines. Their selection of bikes cover a wide price range which puts their product in front of most serious consumers. Diamondback also pioneered what became known as the knuckle-box suspension system found on their mountain bikes which is touted as an improvement to pedaling and handling on smaller bumps.

And for reference Diamondback products push beyond the limit of bicycles. They also offer a series of fitness equipment that ranges from indoor cycles to recumbents and ellipticals. That’s enough to keep you toned and active during the off-season.

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