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Breezer Mountain Bikes

It all started when Joe Breeze (you couldn’t script a better name), back in 1977 created a prototype bicycle known as the JBX1 and launched a revolutionary progressive movement in bike building.

Once Breeze focused on building bikes with a specific function in mind the goal became the end product which was quality and sturdiness that withstood the tests of time.

Breezer mountain bikes are rich in more than history. Sought after for their continued quality and dedication to carry on their tradition Breezer bikes will offer many miles of quality performance. Just what you would expect from Joe and the Breezer brand!

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Breezer Lightning 29 Team Mountain Bike 2013
Breezer Cloud 9 Team 29er Mountain Bike
Breezer Storm 26 Mountain Bike

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$715 – $4,524