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Folding Bikes

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Wondering why on earth anyone would own a folding bike? That’s simple. Space. Why else would anyone create a bike that folds?

If you’re under the impression that a folding bike is nothing more than a gimmick for campers and travelers you would be dead wrong. 700 cc tires and as much as 30 speeds these bikes can move and they’re built with some of the great components found on today’s higher end bicycles. When you add up all the advantages it’s easy to see why folding bikes have become popular and carved their own niche into the world of cycling.

Some of the folding bike brands found on this page are:
· Retrospect · Biria · Dahon · Novara · Punch Corp · Montague · Tern Link

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Retrospec Speck Folding Bike
Novara FlyBy Folding Bike
Montague Crosstown Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bike

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$289 – $1,295