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Fixed Speed Bikes


Some people would ask why on earth would anyone want a single speed bike? How about dedication. Agression. Simplification. The fixed speed bike or “fixie” as it’s referred to offers no nonsense at a price most people can afford.

If your intended usage is nothing more than bee-bopping around town then you don’t need 21 gears of pure racing carbon creation. The basic fixie will give you everything you can put into it and more. Don’t think you can’t take these bikes out on the road or attack the hills. You might be doing a lot of spinning but spinning up a hill is nearly as fun as coasting down the other side.

Fixed speed brands found on this page:
· Speedwise · Retrospec · Se Bikes · Pure Fix · Fyxation · Montague · Surly

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Speedwise Single-Speed Bike
Retrospec Mantra Fixed Gear Bike
Fyxation Eastside Complete Fixed Gear Track Bike

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$199 – $1,098