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Cyclocross Bikes

cyclocross bike

Not sure where your bike might take you? Then a cyclocross bike is probably a good choice for you.

These bikes are designed to effectively move from one surface to the next. So when you jump from a wooded trail to grass to pavement you can be sure that you’re traveling with the right bike.

The frames are strong and rugged and gearing is lower than a road bike. A familiar sight would be a cyclocross rider attacking a course that is typically rugged and varied in elevation. Often the cyclocross rider will dismount the bike and run it up the hill or through a deep bog of mud. These bikes are made to take the punishment.

Some of the cyclocross brand bikes found here are:
· Civilian · All City · Ridley · Fuji · Niner · Diamondback · Pivot · Boardman · Pinarello

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All-City Nature Boy Complete Bike
Ridley X-Bow Shimano 105-Tiagra Disc
Civilian Bicycle Co. Le Roi Le Veut

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$839 – $5,500