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Rear Bike Racks

Price range: $30 – $150 Rear bike racks are most common for carriers pannier bags or saddle bags. A rack of this nature either attaches to the seatpost, for the easily removable racks, or attaches to the frame of the bike usually via braze-ons that have been installed on the bike during the factory assembly. Fear not if your bike isn’t equipped with braze-ons as there are many alternative mounting options.

The rear rack that attaches to the frame has the highest weight carrying capacity while the removable rear rack is for lighter loads due to the stress a single anchor point creates. If you’re looking to haul heavier and larger amounts of gear your best option is the rack that attaches to the frame. Lighter loads, as in commuting or weekend trips, will probably be just fine using the removable rack. In either instance check the carrying capacity of the rack to be sure it will suit your needs.