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Price range: $45 – $350 Front and rear panniers are for carrying your gear. Plain and simple. What that gear entails is your priority. For people trekking across the country their panniers will be filled with essentials meant to sustain them on their trip. Everything from food, clothes, shelter, and repair items, will be packed carefully in the panniers. For others the pannier bags might simply be used for grocery shopping. Many cyclists use their bikes for shopping and panniers give them a great alternative to driving a vehicle due to the fact that they can carry their groceries on their bike.

If you’re touring you’re probably going to want to purchase waterproof panniers. They will cost a little more but consider the price of all the gear inside if you should get caught in a downpour of rain without the protection. If you’re a fair weather weekend tourer you can probably manage with water resistant pannier bags.