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About Us

about-us-sunset-riderBikesAndBags began as a side project that was meant for a small group of friends whom are avid cyclists. In fact, back then it didn’t even have a name. In fact it was really nothing more than sharing our favorite bookmarks.

Let’s face it. While we promote shopping locally you can’t always get what you want from your local bike shops. The problem was clear for the fact that most dealers have an allegiance to only a brand or two. Just like us in our group! We realized not a single member of crew shopped at a single source but our combined resources made for an impressive shopping portfolio.

As a group we pooled our resources and our local computer guru hatched a plan that would put nearly all of our favorites together in one place. Sweet! And then we were reminded that contracted website work, hosting fees, domain renewals, and security updates, also required a fee. Not so sweet!!! But we could make the site possibly earn for itself by opening it to the public. Sweet again! And here we are with BikesAndBags.com.

We don’t offer every cycling item. Not by a longshot. But we do offer a large assortment of essential products within our pages. Our site presents the shopper with a wide range of items from a handful of trusted merchants. This is how we get around the problem of only offering a few brands. We continue to expand and grow as we progress and utilize feedback from cyclists just like you. We welcome your suggestions and are able to create special request pages if you’re looking for something we currently don’t have listed.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and have a safe and productive season of cycling!